The Band Always Wins

I was in the Yale Precision Marching Band (YPMB for short) when I was an undergrad. I was one of the Squids: basically an auxiliary, but a hundred times more awesome. We create props, perform in the halftime shows, and dance in the stands. And blow things up. Can’t forget that. (The origin of the name Squids is somewhat contested, but the predominant story is that once upon a time somebody called the auxiliary the “Tactical Death Squad,” which someone misheard as “Tactical Death Squids.” We have had ten tentacles ever since.)

Yale’s major rival is Harvard. (We have a saying: “Harvard sucks, Princeton doesn’t matter.” Which is sort of sad for Princeton, since they think Yale is their rival!) The biggest football game of the year is the Yale/Harvard game (also known as The Game), the last game of the season, played the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The Squids pull out all the stops and design a halftime show centered on an Uber Prop. One year it was a fire-breathing dragon. Another year it was a shark that actually ate people.

And then, of course, there are the pranks. The video above is my favorite. Enjoy!