Jumpin’ Jumpin’


When I hear this song, I’m instantly transported back to my senior year at Yale. On Valentine’s Day I hosted a Valentine’s Day Massacre, a party for bitter singles, in my huge top floor single room. There were anti-love quotes taped up to the walls, ┬áplenty of hard cider, and tons of┬ápeople bouncing up and down to this and similarly romantically-cynical songs.

A little less than a month later I started dating the man who would become my husband.

These Roses Smell AWESOME


Want to get your beloved a bouquet for Valentine’s Day, but roses are just so pedestrian? You can give them a bacon bouquet! Sure, you’ll have to drop between $109 and $360, but dude. IT’S BACON. You can find them here. (NOTE: I’m not being paid to post this. Just sharing the bacon!)