The Return of The Walking Dead!

Tonight is the premiere of season 6 of The Walking Dead.  I love this show. I love how it’s gritty and realistic, how we come to care about the good guys and then watch them go bad, like watching a loved one turn into a walker, but in slow motion.  Oh, and I totally ship Rick/Michonne. THIS MUST HAPPEN.

In honor of the return of the walkers, today’s song is a little different, and the video a lot disturbing.  Some of you might be familiar with Cyriak. If you are not, and wish to be, go look him up on YouTube. I particularly recommend “Kitty City.”  I warn you, though, his stuff is totally mind-bendy and will make you question reality. I personally am simultaneously attracted and repelled, but that’s just me.  Your mileage may vary, and that mileage may blow your mind, in an unpleasant way, so beware.

This video is different from most of Cyriak’s stuff, mainly because while the music is his, the animation is by someone else, and doesn’t have the surreal mathematical imagery of your typical Cyriak work. It shows a zombie apocalypse. Of kittens. Adorable animated kittens. You’d think it’d be cute. And it is! Which makes the violence and gore (and there’s a LOT of violence and gore) all the more disturbing!

So, be warned, and enjoy!

In Honor of the Return of American Horror Story!

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres tonight, and I’m excited! I love this show in particular, and horror-themed television in general. And when I’m watching a show that I love, the opening credits, complete with theme song, can really get my heart pumping in anticipation, and it’s all the more intense when the theme song itself is awesome. So in honor of the return of AHS, here are a few opening credits that give me the chills!

[Note: The American Horror Story: Hotel clip is intense and NSFW. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Movies and TV That You Only Want To See Once



[Note: I refer to the episode of The Walking Dead that aired this past Sunday.  Other than indications of the general impact of the episode, there are no spoilers below.]

My husband is in Switzerland right now, visiting with one of his collaborators after a conference in Germany. He’s missed the last two episodes of The Walking Dead, and he’ll doubtless want to watch them once he gets home.  And he totally should: the last two episodes were great.  I’ll gladly watch the first with him.

But there’s no way in hell I’m rewatching the second.

There are a number of movies in this category of “glad I saw it, never watching it again.” Schindler’s List is a big one. Requiem For A Dream and Trainspotting are in the category for basically the same reasons. (I won’t even rewatch Trainspotting to pay attention to the performance of a young Jonny Lee Miller.  Sorry, Jonny.)  There are some movies that are right on the cusp of rewatchability.  E.T. for instance.  Great movie, but good god, does it tear your heart out and stomp all over it!

Before last night’s Walking Dead, I don’t think there’s ever been an episode of television in that category.  The closest was, interestingly enough, probably the season two episode of the show where they open the barn door (No spoilers: if you’ve seen the show, you know exactly what I mean).  It had a similar punch to the gut, and left me literally gasping for air.

But last night?  Last night had me crying.  And not the silent, tears rolling down my face kind of crying.  I mean actual noisy sobbing.  I’m glad the kids were asleep, because they probably would have been upset by seeing mommy cry like that.  Of course, they would never, ever be in the living room while The Walking Dead was on, but that’s beside the point.

I’m glad I saw it.  It’s a very powerful, very raw and honest, very well done episode.

But I am never watching it again.