Hanging Together


Leandro Lima’s art (more here) is delightfully surreal.  I’m a big fan of surreal art, from Salvador Dali to David Lynch.  One of the things that strikes me about Lima’s work is how the imagery hangs together in a cohesive whole. I think that this is one of the most important aspects of surrealism.  It’s not merely coming up with random stuff and throwing it all together. The randomness needs to have a rhyme, a rhythm.  There needs to be order in all the chaos, parallels drawn in the most unexpected places, where two things that seem to have no connection actually have a connection deep down below the surface.  It’s hard to do well, which is one reason why I admire greatly those who can do it.

Masterpieces on your skin

I love the idea of honoring your favorite artwork by etching it on your skin.  I will probably never get a tattoo (I’m really bad with pain) but if I did, I can imagine using an image from Salvador Dali.  Or maybe Magritte.  You know, this guy:

That would be awesome.

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