Flora Resurrection

(Video by Sean Steininger.  Hat tip Beautiful/Decay)

There’s a shop in Harvard Square that sells plants.  When I lived in Cambridge, I went in one day, and told the sales attendant that I was looking for a very rare plant.

What plant is that, he asked me.

“A plant I cannot kill.”

I have a jet-black thumb.  A black hole black thumb.  My father can coax purple organic corn from the swamp and sand of southwest Florida.  I can’t keep a single shoot of bamboo alive.

The plant guy sold me a pothos plant, which I managed to not kill for many years, even after two days in a boiling hot car when we moved from Boston to Chicago.  It was finally slayed by my cat Jane, who was steadfast in eating all its leaves, no matter where I put it.

Clearly I need a Rose of Jericho.  I wonder if it withstands cats as well as it withstands drought…