What photographs freak you out?

I’ve seen this photograph floating around the web for some time.  Supposedly it’s a World War II soldier who is suffering from shell shock.  His expression of utter insanity freaks me the heck out.  So I was wondering, dear reader: what photographs freak you the heck out?  Maybe there’s this one picture of a ghost that you can’t rationalize.  Or of a person minutes before they’re the victim of a terrible tragedy.  Share them in the comments! Leave a link, a description, and why this image in particular gives you the heebie jeebies. Let’s see if we can put together a collection of photographs that will keep us up all night.

[Note: Please don’t post pornographic or overly gory images.  I’m screening all comments; any comments I deem inappropriate will be deleted before they ever reach the post and the poster banned.]