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[The real estate agent] stepped closer and smiled tightly. “Mr. Trent,” she said in a low voice, “It is a house. It is a property that I am trying to sell. And that is all. Mr. Lacey has requested that you be granted access, and that’s his right. But I would appreciate it if you left me out of it – and didn’t go blabbing your mouth and making my job harder.”

Steven tilted his head. “You did see something, didn’t you?”

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Day 15. 1 pm. Word count: 31,197 Fragmented thoughts.

I wrote nearly 1k words in a half hour sprint last night, reaching my 2k goal before midnight with two minutes to spare.  Booyah.

This paranormal tale is having surprisingly little paranormal stuff going on.  I think I’ll have to add more during editing.

I’m in the one Starbucks in Tuscaloosa (the ones in Target and Barnes & Noble totally don’t count).  About ten minutes ago, there was a guy in here who was screaming at all the Asian patrons about the Korean War.  When one of the baristas came to throw him out, I thought he was going to hit her.  I’m still anxious that he’s going to come back with a gun and shoot the place up.  This will probably make its way into my writing.  If, you know, I’m not murdered by crazy Korean War guy…