Creepy Crawly Pets


I have a difficult relationship with creepy crawlies. I love spiders, and I’m terrified of them. I’m fascinated by insects, but if I’m startled by one I will likely scream “GET IT OFF MEEEEEEE!” So this article about choosing the right bug as a pet evokes some conflicting emotions. I would really love to meet and hold a giant African millipede, and might even be willing to do what entomologist Sammy Ramsey is doing in that picture there. But there’s a distinct chance that the minute I touch a millipede I will NOPE right the hell out. The article is a great read, though, particularly if you either really want a bug as a pet, or have never even thought about it and wonder why anyone would want to.

Cloaked in Death

The above dress was worn in 1888 by actress Ellen Terry in the role of Lady MacBeth.  It is made of thousands of jewel beetle wings.  Quite appropriate for Lady MacBeth, to be draped in thousands of small deaths.  Click on the photograph to learn more.  Hat tip Morbid Anatomy.