Giving Form to the Unthinkable


Almost everyone knows who Cthulhu is and what he looks like (hell, he’s so well known that my spellcheck underlined his name and insisted I capitalize it). The tentacle-faced bat-winged giant monstrosity from the deep can be found in card games, on t-shirts, in uber-cute chibi plush form, and even on bumper stickers (Cthulhu for President 2016: Why Choose the Lesser of Two Evils? If only…).  However, H.P. Lovecraft, the master of the weird and sanity-destroying, created a twisted universe full of nightmare creatures that will drive you to gibbering madness with just one glance. Like Azathoth up there. (My spellcheck is insisting there’s no such word. Oh sweet innocent spellcheck…) CoffeeForKafka on Imgur seems to be seeking to bring to light all of the lesser-known but just as mind-bendingly horrific creatures of Lovecraft’s Mythos. Whether you thank him or curse his name is up to you.

Lake Wobegon meets H.P. Lovecraft: Welcome to Night Vale

If you have yet to listen to the magnificent podcast Welcome to Night Vale, do yourself a favor and go check it out!  It’s a fictional community radio show from the fictional desert town of Night Vale; imagine Garrison Keillor reporting from Arkham! It’s creepy and funny and frequently profound, with characters you’ll come to know and love.  Many of the jokes become in-jokes, so make sure to listen from the beginning! You’ll enjoy every minute.

One of the features of the show is the weather report, which is always a song. Chances are you’ve never heard of the artists…and chances are you will immediately go look them up and download the song you just heard.  Here’s a favorite: Satellite High with “The Bus Is Late (Waiting for the Bus in the Rain)”  Enjoy, and ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD!