Haunted Dolls on eBay


You can buy a lot of weird things on eBay, and apparently haunted dolls are on that list. Like with most supernatural things, I can’t help but wonder about these dolls, and the people selling them, who have written elaborate descriptions of what the dolls have done, and even the names and stories of the spirits are haunting the dolls. (Which they know…how?) Are they sincere? Did they actually experience these things? Are they delusional, and they only think they did? Or have they come up with inventive stories to increase the amount of money they can get in for an otherwise unremarkable doll in an eBay auction? The cynic in me thinks it’s probably the last, because ghosts aren’t real but human greed is. yet there’s still part of me that wants to believe, that wonders what would happen if I bought one of these dolls…

Loved to Death

I had a friend Rachel in college who had a doll, named Dolly, that her mother made from a pattern printed on the fabric.  Her mom bought four copies , and every time Rachel wore one out, her mother would make the next incarnation.  The doll my friend had at college was Dolly number three, and she was beat up, worn out, and one mistaken ride in the washing machine from just falling apart completely.  Rachel said that once Dolly III fell apart, her mom would make Dolly IV, which Rachel would then have with her for the rest of her life.

Sometimes I wish there were other brand new Eileen patterns in a drawer somewhere, ready to be sewn up, all good and new, when I fall apart.