Multiplying Like Rabbits

Cyriak is an animation artist that specializes in bizarre fractal-inspired body horror. His videos are weird and surreal, and it’s impossible to look away. This video is his attempt to visualize 7 Billion human beings, using rabbits as stand-ins. When people say “multiplying like rabbits,” I don’t think this is quite what they mean.

The Return of The Walking Dead!

Tonight is the premiere of season 6 of The Walking Dead.  I love this show. I love how it’s gritty and realistic, how we come to care about the good guys and then watch them go bad, like watching a loved one turn into a walker, but in slow motion.  Oh, and I totally ship Rick/Michonne. THIS MUST HAPPEN.

In honor of the return of the walkers, today’s song is a little different, and the video a lot disturbing.  Some of you might be familiar with Cyriak. If you are not, and wish to be, go look him up on YouTube. I particularly recommend “Kitty City.”  I warn you, though, his stuff is totally mind-bendy and will make you question reality. I personally am simultaneously attracted and repelled, but that’s just me.  Your mileage may vary, and that mileage may blow your mind, in an unpleasant way, so beware.

This video is different from most of Cyriak’s stuff, mainly because while the music is his, the animation is by someone else, and doesn’t have the surreal mathematical imagery of your typical Cyriak work. It shows a zombie apocalypse. Of kittens. Adorable animated kittens. You’d think it’d be cute. And it is! Which makes the violence and gore (and there’s a LOT of violence and gore) all the more disturbing!

So, be warned, and enjoy!