A Bleak New World has dawned!


Starting at noon EST, the Bleak New World crew will be holding a release party on Facebook! Come, talk with the authors (including yours truly!) and maybe win a copy of your very own! It’s gonna be so awesome it will more than deserve every single exclamation point in this post!!!

A Bleak New World is imminent!


Tomorrow is the release of A Bleak New World, the dystopian anthology that features my short story “Incarnation”.  I will be participating in a book release event on Facebook, so watch this space for a link and come join me!  If you absolutely must have a taste of what’s to come right now, then I have a treat for you: the anthology authors have shared the backstories for their pieces on author Gregory Norris’s blog! Here’s a brief excerpt from mine:

I would often confront friends (and acquaintances…and people at parties…) with this question: if you were to switch brains with a friend, which person is you and which is your friend? Or are two new people created in the melding of minds and bodies?

Read more from me and the other authors here!

Re-Animate Your FEET!


It’s been an age. This summer my family moved from Alabama to Massachusetts, which was quite a task, and took up all my time and attention.  Writing barely got done, and blogging, well, as you all can see, blogging didn’t get done at all.  But I’m back!  And there is much in store, including the October 30th release date for A Bleak New World, an anthology published by Raven International Publishing that features my short story “Incarnation.” There are some things in the works regarding this, so stay tuned!

For now, I’m going to kick off your October with music! Every day, from now ’til Halloween, I will post a YouTube video for a scary/spooky/creepy/macabre song that I love. Today, in honor of the re-animation of this blog, I give to you this fantastically over the top Euro-Techno gem from the movie Beyond Re-Animator. If you don’t want to put this on repeat and dance, then you’re dead inside, and, well, there’s a cure for that. MOVE YOUR DEAD BONES!