Praise For Haunted

haunted banner skullBuy Haunted on Kindle for $2.99

Haunted is haunting.”

Books With Tien

“I would very much love to read further investigations of the Society of Paranormal Researchers in the future.”

The Hive Book Reviews

“This book was amazing and anyone who is even 1% into ghosts, don’t think just order your book right now because you are going to enjoy it, I surely did!”

A Lick Of Romance

“Well-written,  keep the lights on all night plot and relatable characters all blend together perfectly in this chilling paranormal.  Highly recommend!”

Minding Spot

“Like the lecture at the start of the story teaches us, you may see a ghost story at first glance but if you look below the surface you’ll find a richer psychological character study. With ghosts.”

The Nth Degree

“The story catapults you into a world of paranormal fiction, friendship and romance. Haunted’s strengths lie in dialogue and depth. You won’t be able to put the book down.”

Priscilla and Her Books

“It’s that time of year when a good ghost story just feels right, and Haunted by Eileen Maksym is a GOOD ghost story!”

Tome Tender

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