I’ve written a book!

Now what?

Whether you want to self-publish, submit to a publisher, or find an agent, your manuscript needs to be in the best shape possible! I offer three levels of editing:

Content Edit – $7.50 per page

A content edit can make your story and your writing stronger.  It addresses such things as plot, characters, description, dialogue, story structure, and much more. This should be your first edit.

Copy Edit – $4 per page

Once your content is strong, the next step is a copy edit.  This edit addresses grammar, sentence structure, word choice, spelling, punctuation and more.

Proofread – $3 per page

A proofread is the last step before publication.  It scours the manuscript one last time for typos and errors in punctuation and spelling before the book goes to print.

♦  1 page = about 250 words  ♦

“Eileen has a keen eye for what works in a story–and what doesn’t work. Her input has been invaluable to me.”

Bobby Mathews (@bobbymathews)

“Eileen Maksym is a very talented editor. She pushed me to think about the choices I made and challenged me to write better. I wouldn’t be the writer I am today without her kind, but firm influence.”

Tia Bearden (@tiabearden)

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