Rosalia Lombardo

I adore Caitlin Doughty, a mortician, funeral director, natural burial and DYI body preparation and funeral proponent, founder of the Order of the Good Death, and YouTuber at Ask a Mortician. She takes on interesting, and at times difficult, topics about death and corpses and funerals and whatnot, and dispels myth while simultaneously making the truth fascinating. I recommend her highly, and will be occasionally sharing her videos on this blog. In this video, she takes on the myth and reality behind Rosalia Lombardo, a two year old who died in the 1920s and was embalmed so well that nearly a century later, she still looks as if she might wake up any moment. Caitlin lays some myths about the exquisitely preserved corpse to rest, and casts light on the secrets behind her embalming.

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