The Scariest Thing On TV


When you think of haunted televisions, you might think of Carrie Ann being dragged into the static in Poltergeist, or the creepy girl from The Ring clawing her way out of one. However, as outlined in this fantastic article on Mysterious Universe, there are actually a number of reported cases of actual TVs being haunted by actual spirits. Perhaps such stories are the result of fear of technology, an uneasy relationship with an object that can sometimes seem like an enemy, sucking our time or turning our loved ones into brain-dead pod-people. Or maybe there is actually something supernatural going on. There are a number of theories that the dead can manipulate electromagnetic fields, which is the idea behind EVP (electronic voice perception), where the voice of spirits show up on audio recordings. Is it possible for a spirit to similarly manipulate what appears in the static of a TV not tuned to any specific channel? Or can TVs be haunted in the same way as other objects, such as dolls or cars or houses?  I know I’m going to be a little uneasy around my TV for a while…

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