It’s Raining What?!?


In English, when it’s really pouring we say it’s “raining cats and dogs.” But like most figures of speech, other languages have their own expressions, and there are a ton of them on the “Raining Animals” Wikipedia page. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Afrikaans: ou vrouens met knopkieries reën (“old women with clubs”)
  • Cantonese: “落狗屎” (“dog poo”)
  • Catalan: Ploure a bots i barrals (“boats and barrels”)
  • Croatian: padaju sjekire (“axes dropping”)
  • Czech: padají trakaře (“wheelbarrows”)
  • Danish: det regner skomagerdrenge (“shoemakers’ apprentices”)
  • Dutch (Flemish): het regent oude wijven (“old women”)
  • French: il pleut comme vache qui pisse (“it is raining like a peeing cow”)
  • French: il pleut des hallebardes (“it is raining halberds”), clous (“nails”), or cordes (“ropes”)
  • German: Es regnet junge Hunde (“young dogs”) or Es schüttet wie aus Eimern (“like poured from buckets”)
  • Greek: βρέχει καρεκλοπόδαρα (“chair legs”)
  • Hindi: मुसलधार बारिश (musaldhār bārish) (“a stream of mallets”)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): chovem cobras e lagartos (“snakes and lizards”)
  • Spanish: llueven sapos y culebras (“toads and snakes”)
  • Spanish (Argentina): caen soretes de punta (“pieces of dung head-first”)
  • Spanish (Colombia): estan lloviendo maridos (“it’s raining husbands”)
  • Swedish: Det regnar smådjävlar (“It is raining little devils”)
  • Welsh: mae hi’n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn (“old ladies and sticks”)

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