Booktrope’s demise and where I stand


Booktrope, the hybrid publisher of my novella Haunted, has announced that they are closing up shop by May 31th.  To me, this is neither a surprise nor a bad thing. I have had problems with Booktrope for some time now, including poor communication, unprofessional behavior from higher-ups, and next to no help with marketing.  Over a year ago I decided to quietly move on to other projects and wait out the five years that my book would be under contract.  I had some ideas on expanding the novella, getting the sequels I have mostly written into tiptop shape, and then self-publishing the lot.  I expected this plan to kick into gear in 2018. Now I’ll have the rights to Haunted as of June 1st, so things have unexpectedly moved up.  I’m still figuring out what that timeline will look like.  But be assured, Haunted will be back in one form or another. Hopefully it will be even better, and followed by more tales of my intrepid trio.

If you decide you absolutely must have a copy of Haunted right now (and who am I to argue?) it will still be available here until May 31st.

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