Days of future past


This digital painting is by Yuri Shwedoff.  Click on the image for more of his work! Hat tip

I find it interesting that so many science fiction stories contrast advanced technology with a low-tech society.  Like Star Wars, with spaceships and farm boys. Or The Hunger Games, contrasting the decadence of the Capitol with the desperation of the Districts.  Curious how the technology generally winds up with the powerful and “evil” people.  Or perhaps the power and evil winds up with the people with technology?  When it comes to the struggle between the high-tech evil and the low-tech good, we find ourselves cheering for the little fuzzy tribesbears against the state of the art AT-ATs.  Why?  Does this common dynamic rise from the same root of such things as anti-vaccination and anti-GMOs?  Do we naturally have a mistrust of technology?

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