Something happened on the day he died

I first saw this video several weeks before the album was released, before David Bowie died.  From the moment I heard the song and saw the video, I was entranced.  The ghostly repetition, the frantic saxophone, the quakers and the jeweled skull, it’s an intriguing world with intriguing symbolism.

I was shocked when David Bowie died, because I had just seen this video.  What terrible thing could have happened just when his new album came out?  Then I found out that he had cancer, and I was again shocked, but also awed.  The world in this video was David Bowie’s world, and the symbolism was death…but also an immortality that comes when those who love your work carry it forward.  David Bowie turned his death into a work of art, and the world takes up the jeweled skull he has laid at its feet and carries it forward.

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