Love Me Dead

Many of the songs I will be posting this month are about love.  And it makes sense.  First of all, it is my totally inexpert estimate that ninety-eight percent of all songs are about love, so it’s hard to avoid.  Second, even at its best, love can be a terrifying thing.  When you allow yourself to love someone, you are granting them the ability to truly hurt you.  I’m a fan of the show Hannibal (moment of silence…) and one of the many, many things that they got right was precisely this.  Hannibal Lecter was bulletproof until he loved Will Graham, and then it was Will, and only Will, who could ultimately be his downfall (a wink to my fellow Fannibals out there who get that reference).

So here is my first offering on the subject of that horrifying thing we call love, and it’s a fun one. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ludo with “Love Me Dead.”

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