A taste of Committed, book two of the Haunted series

Steven was staring at the paper in his hands, his brow furrowed.
Paul frowned, and leaned over the table to try to see the paper. “Dude, what is it?”
Steven looked up at Tara, eyes wide. “Tara…”
She nodded. “I know.”
He shook his head and held up the paper so Paul could see it. “This…”
“I know.”
“What?” Paul asked, grabbing the paper. “What is it?”
Steven let the paper go, and pointed at it. “This is not okay.”
“Steven, I know!” Tara said, raising her voice, leaning forward.
“Oh my god,” Paul said, taking his turn to stare at the obit. “Holy crap, Tara!”
Now people from other tables were staring, and Tara ducked her head, staring at the table in silence until all the gawkers looked away.

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