My daughter the artist


This is a picture my daughter drew.  She’s seven now, but I’m pretty sure this picture is a couple years old.  For one thing, it has another drawing on the back of Pteranodons sitting on eggs, which anyone who watches PBS Kids will recognize as a Dinosaur Train reference, yet she hasn’t watched (or been obsessed with) Dinosaur Train in some time.  It’s also drawn on old school feeder printer paper, the kind that has tear-off strips with holes on the sides, which she doubtlessly got from my parents.  I’d say this is 2012ish.

I adore how evocative this is.  One of my daughter’s particular artistic talents is an incredible ability to portray emotion.  If I were to put words in those mouths, the first person is saying “Look out!”  The second is saying “Holy cow, look at that!”  And the creature (what IS that thing?) is saying “Aw yeah, outta my way, losers!”

Clearly my daughter and I need to collaborate on a picture book.

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