This week’s post is going to brief, because I’m working on marketing for my book, Haunted.  I will be the first to admit that marketing scares the hell out of me.  Self-promotion in general scares the hell out of me, and pretty much always has.  But self-promotion is an important skill, important in life in general, and incredibly important in the publishing world in particular, especially nowadays.  The market is saturated, and no one will notice a book unless someone gets out there and makes people notice.  And the author has to be that someone.  In self-publishing, of course, there’s no one else.  But more often than not, even the big house publishers will not invest the money to heavily promote a new author, saving those resources for their established authors because they’re the ones who will show the most return on that investment.  Small presses are in the middle of those two.  They have some resources for marketing but authors still need to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

So today I’m swallowing my anxieties and tightening my grip on those barbells.

AND SPEAKING OF WHICH!  Do you like ghost stories?  Forays into the paranormal with an undercurrent of romance?  Then you will love Haunted. It’s a short and engaging read, perfect for a weekend spent in the company of a trio of ghost hunters.  Check it out!

One thought on “READ MY BOOK!

  1. You are not alone! Marketing and promotion throws me into a full-blown anxiety attack complete with paper bags, etc. Take heart! Even dentists have to market themselves when they first get started.

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